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A Conservative Party USA volunteer offers to help advance the Party among their family and friends. A volunteer may or may not be a Party member although we encourage and require it if the volunteer serves in a leadership role. A Volunteer is an unpaid participant. If any of the suggested activity areas shown below are not for you, tell us what you would like to do.

Also, we will place you on our mailing list to receive newsletters and other mailings to keep abreast of our activities. Before you receive your first newsletter you may be asked to confirm your email address.

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Volunteer Support Activities:Contact me to become a CP-USA Leader
Will write emails to spread the word to Friends.
Will help raise contributions for CP-USA
Assist my state's party leadership when needed.
Will become a voting member soon.
Post about CP-USA on Facebook & Twitter.
Write essays for the Party websites.
Help solve Internet Technology problems.
Help create website graphics.
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